Papa Definition T-Shirt

Papa Definition T-Shirt

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Do your babies have a fun papa in their lives? 

We heard all of you loud and clear after we released our Grandma, Nana, and Bubbie definition shirts. You wanted one for Papa, too.

We worked and worked on a definition. Nothing felt just right. We couldn't get past the first line of, "the fun one". And then it hit us. THAT'S all the definition ever needs to be. Grandpas were put on this Earth to be the fun ones. 

I have the sweetest memories of playing "buckin' bronco" with my grandpa. He'd have all of us climb up on his back and he'd try to buck us off of him. We always ended up squealing with joy, wrestling, and having the best time ever, because he was SUCH a fun one. 

Now the proud papa in your life can let the world know he's the fun one.